Condor fratello

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Hello all,

I was looking at a getting a cyclocross bike for my average 100 mile weekly commute plus bit of cross country holidaying, but have been offered a Condor Fratello for £500. What do people think of this bike and do you think it would serve my purpose mainly as a good commuter.As the bike is made of steel, will it be much heavier that say a Focus Cross or Planet X Uncle John bike?

Also as my first road bike, do people think its a good bike?

thanks! :D


  • If you're not going to take it off-road or race cyclocross then I'd take the fratello before the others, it's a damned good bike (not that the others aren't).
  • Thanks for that. Am going to have a look at it tonight after work and may very well end up buying it!
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    Must admit to thinking that the fratello is a really nice bike.
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  • ended up buying it last night and trying to cycle it back in my work clothes and using toeclips for the first time.

    Thought it was absolutely lovely though such a different position to my usual trek hybrid! And it looks amazing too :D Cant wait to put some proper pedals on and take it for a ride!

    thanks for the help in persuading me to buy it!