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XC in Germany?

BrassknockerBrassknocker Posts: 209
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Hi there,

Can anyone recommend XC routes in Germany? there a 'German Glentress' ?

I'm staying in the Sauerland for the next few months... near Olpe / Dortmund / Köln area.

I've got my MTB with me, and currently enjoying road riding on it around the winterberg area, but keen to get out on tracks/ trails...

Any suggestions appreciated,



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  • breezerbreezer Posts: 1,225
    If youre into cars you could take a day trip over to the Nurburgring as theres a track all the way round that. Its only fire roads with a short bit of tarmac but 15 miles or so plus you get to watch cars heh. No doubt there are loads of other routes there as theres billions of forests. We rented bikes from a big shop in Adenau who I expect can advise of other rides although you may need to speak German!

    If you rent bikes from there just be aware that the brakes are round the wrong way heh plus they had non working rear suspension, ie none :p

  • There's sposed to be a load in the Pfälzerwald (must check that area out some time).

    http://www.mountainbikepark-pfaelzerwal ... _index.php

    Then there's the Taunus (nearer to Frankfurt, must be something there). Round here is the Odenwald. Don't know any decent XC routes as such, but I just ride into the forest c/o Meki Maps and GPS.
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  • Thanks for the replies guys, will have to check them out,

  • actually Winterberg itself is the centre of a big network of trails.. Have a look here ... e_download

    most of it is on wide fireroads, as in most of Germany singletracks are off limit for bikers. For the more interesting trails get a good map and try find your own. I've been there a couple of times and in general that worked fine.

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