Falcoln Road Bike?

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I need some advise. I am new to cycling and have been offered a winter bike for £150. I have not seen the bike yet but the make is Falcoln. The man did say that it is an old bike and I will make my decision once I have seen the bike. I do not know the model but can anyone give me advice on the Falcoln make? I have not heard of Falcoln.


  • bill57
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    It'll need to be a very, very, very good Falcon to be worth that.
  • pdstsp
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    It'll have to be a peregrine falcon to be worth that
  • bill57
    bill57 Posts: 454
    pdstsp wrote:
    It'll have to be a peregrine falcon to be worth that

    Brilliant............. :D
  • System_1
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    Aye, like those two have said it would have to be in immaculate condition to be worth £150. You can pick similar stuff up in your local second hand shop or on gumtree or ebay for about £50. Most Falcons still around today are fairly basic machines but the very early frames (early 1970's) were apparently pretty good. Sheldon Brown has a page on them which might help in deciding if what your getting is worth it or not.

    Basically, if it's built with 531 and is in good running order it might be worth it. Take a camera with you when you go to see it and take a few snaps, post em up here and see what folk think. Sometimes you get lucky with these old bikes.