Can anyone recommend the Boardman Pro 08

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Reduced from £1399 to £881 so thinking of getting this bike on the C2W scheme at work, would mean I am effectively buying at £590. Seems like amazing value even taking into account that Halfords will screw up the setup and I will have to pay LBS to remedy. but 64000 dollar question is "Is the bike any good"? Can anyone who has one recommend it? Also my local bikehut does not have one to fit me on so what size would you recommend. I am 5'7" with an inseam of 29.5". My current steed is a 51cm Lemond Reno, which I think is just a wee bit small. I have been measured at Evans for a 53cm dale synapse so think Medium Pro would fit. does that seem right?


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    I think Chris Boardman himself would recommend it :wink:

    If it fits, why not, looks like an excellent deal to me. Chech that the C2W scheme covers Sale bikes though.
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    I'm also looking at the Boardman 08 road bikes, they seem excellent value for money. I would need XL, so only have the option of the comp or pro, the XL team is no longer available. My dilemma for my first road bike is whether the pro is worth double the cost of the comp £440 v £880.
    Not sure how long these 08 bikes are going to be available though, so make your decision sharpish, otherwise you may lose out .....
  • I picked mine up today and have put a few miles on it this morning. So far it's been excellent, very light but also stiff with great acceleration. The spec is fantastic and I have to give credit to Halfords for setting it up correctly.

    I had the ex display model which had a scratch on the frame, Halfords nocked another £80 off for it, in total I paid £799 for a £1400 bike!

    So far I'm very pleased It's quick but is also comfortable at that price you can't really go wrong, the parts alone are worth it.
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    Is it me or does the original 1400 price seem rather high? It's pretty much the same space as a planet-x bike, but with a mostly alu frame instead of a full carbon one, for 400 more.. hm.
  • Get the 09 Boardman Pro as its the same price but in carbon(I think it's£1400), It's not out yet but it will be shortly, I think.

    The spec is better as well.

    Anyway most of the 08's have sold out now, you will struggle to find one.
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  • i was looking at the boardman pro '08, went to halfords and chatting to somone there who does alot of cycling reccomended the team carbon '09 instead, nearly as light but has alot of upgrade potential to make it lighter

    also has sram rival group set, new shifting system and independent brake leavers (carbon as well)

    and i managed to get it for £881, the same price as the pro :)