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Why do I put myself through this pain?

ElganeshElganesh Posts: 143
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I commute each day to work and it's about a 20 mile round trip uphill most of the way back. It takes me about 30 minutes to get into work each day and I reckon I'm reasonably fit by now. However, the other day something happened that showed me how far I was down the fitness ladder. I was pushing hard along the local cycle path with a bit of a crosswind doing about 24mph. My breathing was heavy, and my calves we're yelling at me to slow down while the backpack with all my work-clothes in it was acting as a great windbreak for every single gust that came along.

In short, I was grunted. Then a curious thing happened.

A man not much younger than me coasted past me on a nice shiny Giant, looked over his shoulder and in a broad Welsh accent, announced, "Grab on the back, we'll form a chain!"

I duly slid into his slipstream and hey presto I was travelling along at 27mph! We rounded the last corner which gave way to a 300m long stretch of smooth tarmac, straight as an arrow. It also gave way to the strongest headwind I've cycled in in a long time.

The pain in my legs came back with a vengeance and I was struggling to keep up. The Welshman promptly dropped me in the last 200m and as I reached the end of the cycle path he was sat on a bench, hardly out of breath swigging from his water bottle. He yelled " Cheers for that mate!" as I toiled past him and I regretted not having given up smoking earlier (6 months now).

Why do I put myself through pain?

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