Allez 09 mudguards??

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Hi, bit of a newbie here. Recently got back into road bikes and got myself an 09 Allez.........I use it for commuting as well as evening and weekend rides. I fitted SKS raceblades to it in a bid to keep me and the bike a little cleaner......they're not working too well though and was wondering if its possible to fit full length do I tell if my bike can acoomodate them. Anyone else got an Allez 09 and fitted them.
Thanks for lookin :D


  • I just bought my partner an Allez Sport and fitted SKS Race Blades to that at the same time as my Planet-X. They certainly did the job last weekend OK. No problems with them at all. What specifically do you think are wrong with them. ?
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    Despite that nice bowed top tube of the '09 I don't think the geo of the '09 Allez has changed that much. I certainly coudn't fit full guards to my '06.
    Running Raceblades on my '06 Allez Sport. They keep my @r$e dry but seem to throw a lot of crap at the brake callipers.
  • When I was looking for a bike the two I had in mind were the Allez 09 and the Giant Defy 2. My LBS stocks both makes and said one of the differences was the Giant had eylets so it could take full muddies where as the Spesh didn't so I think you're stuck with the blades.

    I've ended up going for the Allez though, if its raining I'll just use my Rockhopper!
  • Thanks for that folks, that answers my question. Nothing "wrong" particularly with the blades, its just, as mentioned, the calipers and front mech get caked in crud and they seem to need adjusting regularly as they slowly creep out of position. Better than nothing tho. They'll have to do tho I guess.......cheers :)