which cheapish pedal and shoe combo?

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hi just got a new commute and need to get pedals and poss shoes which ones on a budget but also commute every day rain snow etc lol please help :?


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    On a budget wont get you anything nice to commute in the winter in.,

    Personally, I'd go with my standard reccomendation - Shimano M520 pedals for £30 and Specialized Sonoma shoes for £55 - and add either a pair of overshoes for ~£25 or SealSkinz socks (my preferred option) for ~£20.

    Exactly what suits you in terms of warmth depends to a large extent on how cold you get (obviously) - different people can have vastly different comfort zones around their body.
  • thanks will look into them my old bike had flat pedals and have been using a pair of trainers for the last year!!!!! not nice when wet but can handle cold and could use a pair off my road overshoes i suppose?
  • Big Red S
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    Overshoes only generally work well with spd-type shoes and pedals - where they can safely curve under the sole of the shoe without being caught between pedal and shoe and therefore worn out.

    Road overshoes do fit over commuting shoes like the Sonomas, but the shoe is so much bigger you'll probably need bigger ones anyway.
  • I have Candy C's which are just £30 from CRC currently. I have some Shimano MT31's which are fine for wandering round uni all day.
  • well the pedals have been sorted mate at work gave me a pair off shimano spd pedals that bloke has been a god! allways on hand with advice and hands me down stuff he doesnt use or sells me very cheap so only shoes left to get :D any one else ? what you all wear?
  • JE James are doing some good sale offers just now on Shimano shoes:-


    I use Shimano RO99's with Ultegra SPD-SL 6620's.

    They are a "race" shoe but I find them very comfy for just about everything. I commute in them with a pair of Pro Tarmac H2O overshoes on and they are toasty even on the coldest mornings so far!!. 8)
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  • thanks will have a look hope i have the right rsv owner did you keep it or sell?
  • Still got it m8!!

    It's hibernating now. Took it out for a quick blast on Monday there for the first time in months and despite the cold, came back with a huge grin on my mug. :lol:

    Woke the street up with the Renegade's - I think some of the neighbours actually thought I had sold it weeks ago because they hadn't seen or heard it for a long while. :D

    Will wait now till after the new year to decide what my plans are for it. 8)
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  • good boy lol i have a super moto that is very loud but only comes out in sun shine love it but hardly use. saying that if i got rid i would be gutted spent so much time and effort and money on it but im in the trade so quite handy :D . its polished to hell and one of a kind which i love still cannot wheelie it that well though :oops: