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Thinking of 2 weeks in whistler next summer. could do with some advice.

1. best time to go
2. take own bike or hire
3. flights
4. best places to stay
5. lift pass info

have been on the whistler bike park website but looking for that extra.




  • Places to stay.... Depends on your budget, but is very good for finding independent apartments.

    I was in Whistler for the winter and a couple of weeks in the bike park season, and a good area to stay to access the village is White Gold as it would allow for very easy access to the free mtb trails around the Lost Lake area, which has loads of really good singletrack and some northshore stuff.

    Whistler Cay is another great area for access to the village.

    If your budget extends to catered accomodation uses a house that I stayed if for the winter, well located and has sauna, and hot tub.

    With lift passes, it may well be worth getting the passes as and when you plan to use the mountain. The trails around the Lost Lake area are really good and technical, and more importantly free... which in Whistler doen't happen often, but be aware that if you are spotted without a helmet you can get fined.

    If you don't take your own bike, there are so many options for rental it's unbelievable but worth shopping around as you can get great deals on multi day rentals and can chop and change bikes to suit you day. Take your own helmet, as the rental ones smell bad, or smell of that spray that is used in bowling alley shoes. blearghhh.

    On a side note make sure your insurance covers you for downhill montain biking, as my 'sports+' insurance covers mountain biking but would have to get 'sports+ extreme' for downhill stuff.

    If you are sorting travel independently, I would reccomend the perimeter bus from vancouver airport to whistler. If you are planning on a coule of days in vancouver before going up the get the greyhound as it's cheaper.
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