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Has anyone bought from them at all? I am looking at buying a cheap light (yes I have seen the threads :wink: ) and was looking at some Cateye prices (yes I know they are cr@p :wink: ) but a search took me to this and probed a question as to whether they are ok. I know exchange rates are rubbish at the moment but even so, they are selling EL530s cheaper than anywhere in the UK at the moment. The cheapest I could find here were from Tredz ... t_7529.htm

Nashbar have them on sale here ... R5NR8K.htm

Even taking the exchange rate into consideration they are still cheaper and the same could be said for some of their other products? A bit limited in choice but may be some bargains to be had. It doesnt mention shipping charges on the site but if you add to basket it asks for Amazon account details and when you go through that it says shipping is free. Can't see how they can do it so was wondering if anyone has first hand experience of this?
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    Curious, just tried it myself and even on a heavy workstand it comes up as free shipping using Amazon. The import duty threshold has recently been raised to just over £100 now, too. Shame the exchange rate is rubbish.
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    Here in the states Nashbar is really big and they usually have some damn good prices.
    I've bought all kinds of stuff from them with never a problem although some of their Nashbar branded items are, well, you get what you pay for, but with "name" items it's never a problem. Don't know how you will
    do with them what with you being "across the pond".
    Also, Nashbar is owned by Performance, for what that's worth. Good luck.

    Dennis Noward
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    I used them a fair bit in the past, but with delivery to my company's NY address so I could pick up when I went there. I recently tried to order for UK delivery and while P&P was "free", they then emailed me to say that they'd need to confirm P&P with the courier. Price was then $100 for delivery of a few, lightweight items. Cancelled the order.

    Good company with good prices... if you can get them delivered in the US. Not much cop for UK, sadly.
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    Import duty threshold has changed but VAT threshold is £36:
    All goods imported into the UK from countries outside the European Union are subject to import duty and VAT at the rates applicable. However, import VAT is not payable on commercial consignments if the total value of the goods in the consignment does not exceed £18. This limit is raised to £36 for personal gifts between private individuals. If this tax was not applied, there would clearly be an unfair advantage to foreign businesses over UK trade.

    With effect from 1 December 2008, customs duty will not be applied on goods with a value less than £105.

    Which seems odd having two thresholds.
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    Thanks for the info. So it looks like if I went through with a purchase it would then be subject to a hefty carriage charge. Oh well, seemed like there must be a catch there somewhere.
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    Behold the might of the Cateye :

    (caution - you may need sunglasses)