La Fuga

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Has anyone been on a trip with La Fuga this year, trying to get some feedback.


  • mrushton
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    I've looked at them and spoke with them about going to the Giro d'Lombardia sportive with them. However they are v.v.expensive imo - the Lombardia trip was £900 but you did stay in a villa, get an ex-pro riding with you etc and was tied in with Rapha. i did the same trip, stayed in a hotel for longer (2 of us) and it was prob. about £1k all in. La Fuga mainly work in Italy. I use GPM10 and if you are interested in what they offer I can give you more info if you pm me (I'm not associated with them, I'm just a customer) or if you want to go to Italy under your own power I might be able to advise you.