Lights in the Daytime - Extra Safety?

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Anyone use lights on their Road bike in the Daytime? (Front or Rear). Would something like a Smart 1/2 Watt Rear or Blackburn Mars 3.0 Rear be of use in a Winter Daytime Training ride?


  • cougie
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    If its on in the daytime - then it needs to be bright - so yeah Smart Superflash will still be visible.

    On the front - you'd need a bright flashy light - like the Fenix in strobe.

    If you have them - you may as well use them. Batteries are cheap.
  • andy_wrx
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    From my experience, broad Summer daylight, no even the brightest bike lights aren't that visible.

    But in overcast, dim, foggy, etc Winter weather then yes indeed, but they do need to be bright, like the Smart 1/2W
  • I use a hope 4 vision light day and night, and have noticed that I get fewer 'surprises' when riding in the city. It is fairly dear but how much is it worth to save getting knocked off even once? Well worth lights in the day in my view.
    Placing the rear light well under the seat helps it show up a bit better I think.

  • Smokin Joe
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    I have a Smart 1/2 Watt on my winter bike which I use when it is raining.
  • Andy140
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    Use Blackburn Mars 3.0 Rear in overcast daylight this time of year - also in dark shadow
  • Mettan
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    Thanks all - sounds like a good idea then - particular for Autumn/Winter days and when its Raining.
  • JGS
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    I use Blackburn Flea front and rear during the day, have them on flashing just for a bit of "look at me" while in traffic.
  • keef66
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    My Cateye Ld1100 is on the seatpost all the time so if it's a bit gloomy is set it in flashing mode to make me a bit more noticeable. If visibility is reduced by rain or mist / fog I'll also have the Fenix on the front in turbo + strobe mode.
  • I've a dynamo front light, I just leave it on and then it isalways on if condition need it.