Help, buying advice needed

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Basically i have £900 to spend, i currently have a XC mountain bike but am looking to get a road bike, set my heart on a boardman but i have some issues.
due to the prices being dropped i can afford all 3 levels, comp, team and pro but whether the increase in price is justified for the spec and what i want to use it for. I plan to ride a fair bit and maybe do some races if they come along.
i must add now i've never really ridden a road bike before.

my options are: -
1) Buy the Comp for £450 and then buy myself a half decent helmet and some proper fitting SPD shoes (my bright blue helmet is just lame and my SPD shoes are a size too big, i have to stuff kitchen roll in them to use them)

2) buy the team for £675 and although i could afford new helmet and SPD's i'd rather only get one or the other if i'm spending £675 on a bike

3) buy the pro for £910 and not buy a helmet or SPD shoes but have a better bike instead

The Specs are here

any comments welcome :)

oh NOTE: i need to do christmas shopping but don't get paid till the 23rd of dec and HAVE to work xmas eve :(



  • I'd say option (1). You really need proper fitting shoes, and also a proper helmet which you need to spend at least £50 on. None of this "styrofoam saucer on the back of your head" stuff. I'd also recommend a decent pair of cycling shorts and top.

    Without all these things, you'll significantly reduce riding enjoyment (and safety). For a first road bike the spec on option (1) is plenty.

    Happy riding.