Which tyres for the winter/wet weather?

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I'm looking at fitting some new tyres for the winter months after a couple of scary moments this week and I'm after some recommendations personal preferences for a good/grippy wet weather tyre.


  • I've been using 25 mm Continental Ultra Gatorskins on my winter wheels for the last 4 years. They're tough, not too heavy, seem to easily handle winter wet crappy road conditions and still feel grippy and relatively fast. Some people complain that the side walls are weak and suseptable to cuts and p*nctures, but I've never personally had a problem. How many punctures in the last 4 years? None. There now I've gone and said it and have surely put a hex on myself. Damn,,,,,,,
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  • Krylion Carbons if you can find them. I've done 1000 miles commuting on mine without a puncture or any hairy wet weather moments (mainly Winter riding). They are light and have red stripes to make them faster.
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    For grip, run the widest tyres you can fit - so ideally 25mm and run them at lower pressures i.e. 5-6 bar for a bigger 'footprint'. Gatorskins are a bit too vulnerable to cuts IME and Armadillos don't offer good grip in the wet. If you dread punctures, then Schwalbe marathons are bomb proof - but heavy. Krylions are great but unavailable at present.
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  • Schwalbe Blizzards (folding versions)
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