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Classic Lightweight Bicycles

Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
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I have finally got round to posting some pics of my collection on Classic Lightweight Bicycles. Please see entries by 'Handcutandfiled';[email protected]/
Aidan Searle


  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    I like the Roy O'brien .Have you any idea when it was built.?The lug work is similar to my old Rotrax Super Course.
  • Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
    Thanks, the O brien was bulit in 1960 by Ephgrave apparently. The lugwork is the quality that you would expect from this builder. I am undecided wht to do with this one, but lookinjg to build into a fixed and give it a spin first.
    Aidan Searle
  • I've just acquired a 1946 Bates Vegrandis, in need of total restoration.
    Surely one of the only bikes easily recognisable from a distance without paint!
  • DickieDickie Posts: 1,489
    A wonderful bike Horace was 70 years ahead of his time. Rory O'Brian were built just up the road from me in Romford. Some nice stuff there Aidy.
  • Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
    thanks Dickie, talking of nice bikes - do you still have the Whirlwind?
    Aidan Searle
  • DickieDickie Posts: 1,489
    Afraid not Aidy my mate pryed it from my fingers, its being set up with an ASC and loads of nice bits. It was only a 23" so looks to small for you.
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