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Tyre & Tube confusion?

RSV_EcosseRSV_Ecosse Posts: 237
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Well, finally happened to me last night in the dark on my way to work.

My first puncture. Or rather........punctures. :(

New stretch of road, recently opened which ( as yet ) has yet to have it's cyclepath fully finished. So you have to ride along a fast stretch of road for a few hundred yards before hopping on the cyclepath.

I was in between the edge of the road and the white solid line as usual, over the crest of a hill and coming downhill. Got half decent lights on the bike so I had a fair build up of speed, although keeping it sensible because it was dark.

Then.......BANG!!!......BANG!!!. Front wheel went over something as did the back. One of the water bottles jumped clean out of it's cage and sailed across the road, bike went sideways and I managed to slow down without touching the brakes and eventually come to a rather unelegant halt.

Toddled back up the road and found my bottle. Eventually found what I had ridden over - the metal frame from a workies road sign lying flat on the ground. Didn't even see it, it was actually painted black and not the usual silver/steel colour.

Both tyres punctured and I only had one tube with me. So on the mobile to wifey who had just got home from work, she came out in the car and picked me up.

Got to work and changed the tube to find an inflated part of it poking through the side of the tyre in a wee bubble of air. Damn. :x

Anyway, that's how it happened, and being a newbie, here come the confusing ( for me ) questions.

1. I'm hoping I haven't damaged/buckled the wheels. How do I tell?.

2. Took the burst tube out last night and it was marked 700x18. However, the sidewall of the tyres have 700x23c 23-622 on them?. They are MOst Ewiva AF tyres on MOst Edho wheels ( It's Pinarello FP1 ).

3. What size tube do I replace the damaged ones with then?. I put a 700x23 tube in there and blew it up and it seemed fine, but should I really put a 700x18 back in there instead?. Are these 700x18's specific to the Pinarello MOst tyres as far as sizes go?. If so - why does it say 700x23 on the sidewall and its got a 700x18 tube inside? :shock:

Keeping in mind I am going to need two new tyres and tubes because of the sidewall damage, should I put 700x18 tubes in say a new pair of Michelin Pro 3's or put 700x23 tubes in?.

Also, and again, I'm a newbie, sorry!!!........Whats this "clincher" type of wheel/tyre I keep seeing online?. What sort of tyres do I have?. And whats a "folding" tyre?

Got even more confused when I looked at Wiggle's website as they have a section for Road tyres : Race and then one for Road Tyres : Tubed.

Clincher, tubed, race, folding..........HELP!!!! :lol:

Since mine have tubes in them it would follow they are "tubed" but who the hell am I to know???!!!.

Any advice appreciated, really want to get some info on this quickly so I can order new tyres, fit them and then see if I've flat spotted or buckled my wheels, I'm guessing I wont truly know till I get the thing back out on the road again?.

Ta. 8)
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  • InfamousInfamous Posts: 1,130
    1. Do the wheels look buckled? if not, then they're not.

    2. Inner tubes come in ranges, it'll be something like 18-25, so....

    3. .....just make sure you get one that fits your tyre (23).

    Clinchers are the "normal" type of tyre, that need an innertube. Tubular (tubs) are all in one innertube and tyre. Clincher wheels take clinchers, tubular wheels take tubs. Folding are flexible so you can carry one as a spare (they are also a little easier to get on).

    Also, avoid riding that far off the road, especially in the dark.
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    To check for wheel damage, just put the bike in a stand and sping the wheel and look for any side to side movement of the rim.
    If you have no stand just lift the bike and spin the wheel to check.
    If iwheel rim is damaged you will see a lot of movement and it would probably rub on the brakes.
    You have clinchers. These are tyres which require inner tubes and the tyre clinches to rim, hence the name.
    Tubulars require no inner tube and are stuck to the rim, you do not have those.
    18 or 23 tubes will be ok in your tyres.
    Folding tyres are basically what they say, they come folded in a small pack.
    Mich 3 pro tyres willl be ok for you and they have good feedback so go for thise with 18 or 23 tubes.
    I do not know the particular tyres and wheels you mention, but MOst is just a Pinarello brand and the Most brand is just branded ear from other manufacturers.
    For exampl I have most charisma wheels which are branded corima, and the tyres are most prince, but are actually continental tyres so your tubes are not specific for your tyres and as long as you et 700c it does not matter if you use 18 or 23 bith should be ok but I would use 23 for 23 tyres.
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    By the way, I would have taken a picture and sent it to highways agency or council and tried to et money back for damage caused.
    Last year I got £350 for damage to my front suspension on car caused by a big pothole in road.
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