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I'm used to cycling in MTB events where your 3rd party insurance for the event is covered by your entry fee, I was thinking about doing one of the Evans 'Ride It' road events and see in the small print that they provide no cover. I wonder how may people realise that they are not covered and if you take out some highly expensive top of the range carbon job you could have a pretty large hole in your pocket!

Do people as a rule join organisations such as the CTC or British Cycling or is there another alternative so that at least you're covered (and I still don't understand why Evans haven't done it as part of the entry fee!)
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    I think you may be covered for 3rd party liability by some household contents insurance policies, but you'd have to check the small print to be sure.

    Other than BC and CTC, Everydaycycling (BC's leisure cycling arm) offer cover for £2/month

    In reality, I think you'd have to be pretty unlucky to ever be in the position to have to make a claim, but I guess "sh*t happens". There is a general attitude amongst cyclists that when riding in a group, you accept the risks that this entails, but of course not everyone holds this view. There is also the risk that you could unwittingly cause a vehicle accident (say swerving to avoid something running into your path) so it may be reassuring to have specific cover "just in case".
  • I cover my bikes and 3rd party under my house insurance. Quite expensive but well worth it!
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    Pesonally just signed up to British Cycling as a "gold" member.

    Could have just as easily taken the lower priced "bronze" or "silver" options or the Everyday cycling, or just kept on with the CTC membership, but am attracted to the fact that the coverage is higher in case I get injured, and I can extend this to cycling outside of the UK which I cannot do with the CTC membership.

    Saves me having to join Cycling Ireland as a seperate and additional expense for activities here!
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  • If you need 3rd party liability & loss of earnings cover, plus some cover for other sports which you might partake in, then take a look at this insurance which I recently took out.
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    cadseen. You need to have cover for the full value of the bike or any payout will be reduced. If the bike is worth £3000 and you only have £1500 cover they will only pay out half of any claim. The claim may even be refused due to false disclosure.
    I use CTC for third party and have my best bikes covered as special items on the house insurance. I have 2 bikes covered for a total of £4500 for about £50. This does not cover for racing which would push the cost up by a factor of 10. I just take the risk in races.
    I would not consider riding without third party cover nowadays. Too many ambulance chasers about.
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    I am also with CIS. I have the Home Options Insurance. Pedal cycles are covered up to £1000. My other bikes are covered as Specified Property and are to their full value.
    I am not sure how they would treat a claim under the pedal cycle cover if I lost a £1200 bike and hoped they would pay me the £1000. This could be considered under insuring and they would only pay £800 (about). As I said earlier they could refuse the claim all together. They really do not like to pay up if they can help it.
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    chuckcork wrote:
    Could have just as easily taken the lower priced "bronze" or "silver" options
    Note that BC Bronze membership DOES NOT include 3rd party cover. In fact it's a bit of a chocolate teapot and entitles you to very little. SIlver is the starting point for 3rd party cover.