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OK I admit it... I gave up a days cycling to see [whisper] Cliff Richard [/whisper] at the MEN Arena. There are however mitigating circumstances. I had bought tickets for my sister-in-law's xmas (lifelong Cliff fan) and promised to take her as well. I could have offered to take her on the bike but the visions that conjures up does not bear thinking about. :) After being ripped off for £10 with the "Arena secure parking" :x I was a bit worried we'd been scammed and that on return to the private carpark the car would be clamped (it wasnt). I also have to admit that I actually enjoyed the concert. :oops: What's worse I knew most of the songs. :o He may be pensionable but still gives good value for money. almost 3 hours on stage.

Thats my confession, how about yours. You know you want to.
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    An act of Gross Indecency, involving a cwt. bag of Kerrs Pinks, a pelican and 200 yards of knicker-elastic while attending a garden party in Buckingham Palace.

    To date, I have been too embarassed to mention it but it now seems so trifling compared to admitting you attended a Cliff concert.
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    I cannot really think of anything more frightening than going to a Cliff Richards concert.

    Oh I have just thought of something more frightening, cliff Richards, Paul McCartney and oasis all on the same stage at the same time.
    The gear changing, helmet wearing fule.
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  • I was in a crows nest at a night club once dancing away then they put YMCA on for some odd reason and i danced my merry little heart out to it, most embarassing but hilarious for my mates :oops:
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    Estate Agent: "This hotel was built on the site of site of ancient indian burials, and also featured witch burnings, satanic rituals, and several John Denver converts"

    Homer: Oooooohhhhh(shudder) John Denver!
    'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze....