Are Shimano MW02's warm enough?

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Never having had proper mtb winter-boots before (and always suffering) I was pleased to pick-up a new pair of MW02's cheaply. (I've not worn them yet.) Then I saw that MBUK had done a 13-pair test, concluding that some are warmer. (Sorry: I can't recall which.) As I'm out for about six hours I'm er, getting cold feet over my purchase. What's the best boot for keeping you warmest for longest?

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  • Hi Zip.

    I too get cold feet and bought the very similar mw80's. They are definitly an improvement over regular shoes - no matter how many socks I've on.

    One of this months magazines has a review on winter boots ( I can remember which mag) and the warmest are some Lake's - but they look really big. Apparently the best overall balance between warm, dry, size was the shimanos.

    What I've found tho is the main thing that keeps my toes warm for longer is keeping the rest of me warm! A warm beanie, buff for neck, layers on, etc. I was out yesterday for 2 hours in 4 degrees and sleet and wind and my toes were warm until near the end. However my nose was about to fall off! Must be mad?
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    I've had my MW02 for 2 winters now,they do keep your feet warm,but DO let in water.It runs down your legs and your feet get wet even with sealskinz.However even when wet my feet stay warm.We were on a night ride the otherday and it was -2 when we left the car.We rode to a maximum of about 1300ft,my feet were wet pretty much all the ride but toasty warm 8)
    Wear waterproof(gortex etc)over trousers to limit the amount of water running down your legs and you're onto a winner
  • I have a pair of MW80s and my toes still get a little cold in the chilly weather, even with thermal socks. It's not a massive problem. Waterproofing is fantastic though.

    I think the Northwave boots have a thicker lining.
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    Lake boots, big clunky looking feckers, but warm and dry. Will still let water in over the top tho' so again wear waterproof trousers and stay dry.
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    MBR tested a pair about 2 years ago,i can't remember the name but they said in all but Arctic conditions your feet will cook.They were around £140
    Aha,found them...These are the fellas:-
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    You can't beat MW02's coupled with Sealskins Mid Thermal socks for ultimate warmth & dryness at a reasonable weight (& price).

    Make sure your MW02's are at least a size, preferably two up from your usual size otherwise your feet will freeze due to restricted blood flow with thicker socks!
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    Decembers MBUK has:

    Shimano MW80 as the best Winter Boot. £99.99.
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    They could be warmer, I've had my toes go cold a couple of times (last Saturday being one such occaision, that said the others were complaining of frost bite :lol: ). I'm using an old pair of Porelle drys, bit bulky and crinkly but OK. I suppose the fact I haven't yet motivated myself to go out and get some Sealskins and or silk liners means they are pretty good.

    On the waterproof front they are great as long as it doesn't go down the top, I love being able to put my foot down in the middle of a puddle to open a gate etc. when everyone else is tip toeing around.

    I must admit that when I bough them the guy in the shop did say they were about as waterproof as anything else with a damn great hole in the top.

    Still, been one of my best MTB purchases, the fact they aren't uber toasty does mean you can use them during the summer as well, hardly taken them off this year :cry: .
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