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Need some insurance that will cover me for theft and injuring third parties whilst on the trail.
Any thoughts?


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    A big lock and bubble wrap . :roll:
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    You shouldn't be robbing and harming people on the trail. :wink:
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  • this raises a good point actually. I know my BC membership covers me 3rd party on the road, and gives me my coaching indemnity, but I don't know if it covers me for hitting some old dear out on the trails somewhere.
    hmmm...time to research a little...
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    CTC membership - £35 a year and 3rd party insurance - theft insurance is on my house policy!

    Look em up on t'interweb.
  • as with BC, there's no specific mention of off-road cycling in the CTC stuff. Do you know for certain if it's covered?
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    I'm pretty certain it is, I've had coaching from their off road officer and I'm sure he said it was. That was a few years ago though.
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