Thursday caption competition

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    "Run faster or I'll pop a cap in yo' @ss. Hows that for training advice, Frank and you don't have to pay €7,000 to strangers either"
    'This week I 'ave been mostly been climbing like Basso - Shirley Basso.'
  • Lets get it on here.....


    "Go ahead, Pat......make my day!"

    "Ah....a different type of shooting up, for once...."
    "Science is a tool for cheaters". An anonymous French PE teacher.
  • "Uncle Bjarne!

    I've figured a way of beating Contador".
  • Frank prepares his defense against recent drug charges.
  • Guns don't kill racing??? Doper's DO!!!!
  • JC.152
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    "theres a Mr.Fuentes on his way to see you Frank"
  • afx237vi
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    "Andy Schleck finally cracks as Bikeradar's cycling fans mistake him for Frank YET AGAIN" :lol:
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    Bernard Kohl...take that!
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    At least we can confirm that he hasn't had a radical change of hairstyle.

  • DaveyL
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    Thought that was Wiggins for a minute!
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    yellow sunglasses 8 months early must be confident :wink: