Carbon Handlebar/ Arm pump



  • gcwebbyuk
    gcwebbyuk Posts: 1,926
    Nice kits sheepsteeth! They look pretty damn good!
  • Any comment on the vibration damping they provide?

    Have you used them on any jumps/ drop offs yet?

    I mainly ride trail centres (live close to Coed Y Brenin) so would be nice to know they can handle the rough stuff!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    definately no jumps or drop offs for me, i am very much a wheels on the ground type of rider (or coward, which ever you prefer!) but i would be confident in them if i'm honest, they feel very stiff so far but im off out for a proper ride this week so should be able to let you know more then.
  • Ye I'm definantly no Chris Smith but try to get a bit of air now and again.

    Thanks for the reports, give them a bit of stick this week to see how they fare.

    P.s I don't want you to break them just interested in how they hold up. :)
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    haha, ill be out for a couple of rides so i will report back with how they fair, i can usually tell alot about a bar just by doing the short climb on the airfield next to where i live, i get into top gear and then haul up the slope, if it wont flex there, they wont flex atall ireckon.