Cyclist injured in fruit attack!

Portrush Philly
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On the BBC News site ... 748814.stm

Anyone else ever been hit by any other random fruit or indeed vegetables?


  • Wrath Rob
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    I bet he was pea'd off when that happened!

    Seriously, sounds nasty and I hop he makes a swift recovery
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  • gtvlusso
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    Nah, just tea, coffee and cigarettes.....bit of fruit would make a refreshing change, but no melons...please.
  • Jen J
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    I know lots of people that have had fruit and various things (including bricks and small rocks) thrown at them while running :(
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  • wheezee
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    I had an apple lobbed at me by a kid. He was too far away to hit me.

    Also had a kid chuck an apple at me whilst riding past on his bike.(I was on foot) A mistake on his part, as cycling and throwing aren't really compatible. I was able to catch it and chuck it back.
  • iain_j
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    I've had fruit thrown at me many times. It always makes me laugh though cos the scallies who do it don't take into account that I'm a moving target. By the time the object reaches its target, I'm not there anymore - I'm some way past it with a smile on my face muttering "silly sods" :lol:
  • Anything thrown at a cyclist = NOT FUNNY :twisted: .
    Ha Ha Ha fruit and vegetables !
    Ha Ha Ha cyclist falls off bike !
    Ha Ha Ha cyclist ...

    "Police said the attack on the cyclist may have been deliberate. " :o Nooooo surely not! Just a bit of fun :evil:

    "This may not seem too serious an incident, but the piece of fruit was travelling at high speed and it has left the cyclist in a lot of pain. " - that is real pain not a seaside postcard joke FFS.


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  • Slow Downcp
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    Had a glass bottle bounce off me from passeneger window of a passing car - luckily it landed back in the road without breaking or falling in my back wheel. Chased after the scrotes as I knew there were some lights half a mile down the road, but they changed to green as I got there. :evil:
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  • I've been hit by celery - but only while watching Chelsea :D :twisted: (there's a crowd favourite song called Celery which used to end with lots of the vegetable being thown in the air. It is now banned :(
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  • nwallace
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    Do Nellyphants count?

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