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Specialized shoes- quick release getting stiff!

ian.r.mcdonaldian.r.mcdonald Posts: 177
edited November 2008 in Road beginners
Am very pleased with my mtb style shoes- but the quick release is progressively getting harder to release.

It looks like the ridged strao that fits into the rachet system could be thinner to allow easier removal

anyone had this or got a solution?


  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    Little squirt of WD40 GT45 works a treat.
  • thanks- tried that and all it achieves is to make the strap harder to grip when heaving against it try and get it out!

    have others struggled or do i just need to replace the rachets if they are a one off duff pair?
  • Hi
    I have these - I find that if I arch my foot first then push the release button it pops open ok.
  • thanks- that little bit of extra pressure obviously aligns things better

    i can now escape- and have put the stanley knife away which was going to be only way to get them off before
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