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Today I had a meeting at the Marriot Hotel in Waterloo at 9am (for another meeting were holding on 28th November).

I was going to cycle in but bottled it because I couldn't figure out whether to wear my work clothes while riding to said meeting or to put them in a bag and change when I get there (where I don't know probably in a public toilet in the Marriot, which my immediate thoughts are: 'minging').

What do you do when off to meetings out of the office? Do you still cycle-commute or do you opt for public transport. This is going to be a progressive problem for me as with my covert-promotion, I'll be out of the office at more events and I've already made it clear to work that I ride my bike to everything.
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  • AndyManc
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    Can you put 2 more options on your poll ....... :roll:

    1. What's a meeting .
    2. What's an office .
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  • I tend to half-and-half if going straight to a meeting - I'll wear a work skirt or trousers, if a skirt I'll wear shorts under it, but a bike top and jacket, or even a work top/shirt and bike jacket, ensuring I have a work layer to go over the work top, then I can effect a pretty quick change on arrival.

    Or, I'll go into my office and change there, make sure I wear something worky that I can cycle in, and then head out to the meeting at a sedate pace.

    The location of the meeting and how well I know the offices/facilities available usually dictates which option I choose... and disabled toilets are usually both big enough to change in and pretty clean in my experience.

    Public transport is a last resort!

    EDIT: I know they're not popular but panniers have made cycling to meetings so much easier - clothes are less crumpled on arrival and no sweaty back issues...
  • gtvlusso
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    I wear my cycle kit all the time - sit in the corner and steam gently!! Or I use conf facilities!
  • Harry B
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    My meetings usually include bundles of papers which not only make cycling to the meeting not an option (couldn't really turn up lycra clad and sweaty anyway) but usually also mean that because I'm taking the bundles home the night before that I can't cycle on that day either. For these reasons 4 of my commutes this week will not be by bike :(
  • AndyManc wrote:
    Can you put 2 more options on your poll ....... :roll:

    1. What's a meeting .
    2. What's an office .

    +1, we're not all jet setting city slicker types :P
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    I'm not someone who goes to meetings as such, but I do cycle to scouts (I'm an assistant leader) in uniform and air cadets (RAF VRT officer) in uniform and look a right numpty, but hey saves getting changed
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  • I had a residential meeting recently and biked it - but only because I could negotiate with the front desk getting me into a room if I got there early for a shower etc. Two panniers were very handy as I had to drag my clothing, lap top and a bundle of papers.

    Generally however I'll take public transport because so many places are terrible about providing secure parking. But I'd also face the same problem as you. I wouldn't want to cycle any distance in my work trousers and shirt - they'd be soaked :D unless I went really slow :(
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    I always go into the office and change first, then use the pool car as I normally have bundles of drawings to carry.

    My boss has no problem with turning up at meetings a bit sweaty though, but I guess you can get away with it if you're the boss and you can rely on someone else to bring anything you need.
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  • jjojjas
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    I cycle to the office & change. If its out of the area I work in then I take the car.
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
  • Cycle to meeting in bike clothes - stand round the corner, pull on trousers over the top of shorts, add smart jumper/suit jacket and change shoes, bob's your uncle.

    The fabulous Basil Mirte pannier hand bags (for ladies, though they do nice bloke ones I understand) mean most people never even realise I've turned up on a bike.

    Of course if it's been raining heavily you'll have to either live with having a slightly soggy backside or brazen going to the meet and chaning in the loos.