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Which Triple?? Up to £1000 to spend

madandybellmadandybell Posts: 148
edited November 2008 in Road beginners
Hi All,

I'm trying to find a decent triple, I've got up to £1000.00 to spend.

Looked at the Allez Triple 09 & the Trek 1.5, however I'd like something with a bit better groupset on, but can't seem to find one. Can anyone throw any other ideas in the mix?




  • Those options are tiagra/sora mix right?

    How about:

    Focus Cayo 105 Triple, 2009? £999 ... 360037592/
  • Cheers, another one for the mix. Not sure if I can get Focus on my Cycle to work scheme. Have to go through Halfords so I'll have to check if they can get them.

    I know I've mentioned the dreaded H word so for anyone else reading please don't turn this into a 'I hate Halfords/Halfords are really bad' thread!!! Gonna get LBS to set it up for me.


  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    You can only get Focus bikes from Wiggle.
    Brian B.
  • well it's a double, but you can get a SCR1 for £600 at the minute, down from £850
    bottom gear is 34/28 so almost as low as a triple anyway.
    and it's got 105 groupset

    not sure you'd be able to get it through b2w though
  • Gary DGary D Posts: 431
    Don't let your desire to have a triple restrict your choice too much.
    If you find yourself a good LBS then they will change a new bike over to a triple at a relatively low cost subject to a couple of caveats.

    If you can, and assuming you are happy with it, choose a bike with Shimano 105 double or compact set up.

    Shimano 105 10 speed shifters are double or triple compatible so will not have to be changed. (These are the most expensive items to change).
    The only changes will be the chainset and bottom bracket and probably, but not definitely, the rear mech.
    If the LBS are any good, they will just charge you the difference between the kit that is coming off the bike and the replacement items.

    I bought a Bianchi 928 and wanted a triple with Shimano (Shock-Horror :shock: ) but they were unavailable. So the LBS ordered a 105 compact and charged me £40 for the swap - job done :D:D .

    I was also quoted a similar price by another shop so it wasn't a fluke. If the LBS want your business then they will make the effort. I would imagine sales are starting to slow a bit now as well so they should be keen.

    I don't know much about Campag stuff at all, but I seem to remember reading that some shifters are double/triple compatible as well - so the same might apply. However, someone else will offer better advise I am sure.

    Hope this helps.
    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
  • Gary DGary D Posts: 431
    Doooohh!! :roll: :roll:

    Just read one of your posts more thoroughly this time :oops: and I see you have to go through Halfords.

    So most of what I said above is bo**ocks.

    I somehow doubt that Halfords would be very obliging!!

    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
  • richara3richara3 Posts: 153
    Unless its your employers policy then you can go to ANY participating dealer...It may be worth a phone call to your HR dept.
  • Gary D, if it's any consolation your post will still be very useful to many other people. For example, I found it very useful!
  • Cheers guys.

    Unfortunatley Halfords is the only option, I'll get LBS to set it up though. Decided I'm going to go with the Allez Sport '09, if I struggle then I'll just get it changes to triple.

    Thanks again for the posts.

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