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Out of saddle wobble

ConsciousPilotConsciousPilot Posts: 117
edited November 2008 in Road beginners
When accelerating "out of the saddle" the other day on my 1st road bike (boardman comp) I found it difficult to keep the front wheel heading in a steady direction. Is this down to my technique? It seems to me that I may be pulling alternatively on either side of the handlebar instead of perhaps maintaining an even grip on each side. I hadn't really noticed it before on the heavier specialized cross bike, but on a run out today I did see a similar movement but not as noticeable as on the road bike. Any advice please.
2 Wheels or not 2 wheels..That is not in question.


  • JGSJGS Posts: 180
    It's a practice thing really. When I started out on a road bike after years of BMX and MTB I found that the less wide bars meant I was a bit wobbly. Try building up a bit by accelerating when just a few inches off the saddle, also try climbing out of the saddle in a really hard gear. Both of those seemed to help sort me out.
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