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Sturmey Archer AW with excessive freewheel

ansbaradigeidfranansbaradigeidfran Posts: 526
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(Reposted from Commuting/Workshop)

I've got an AW-type 3 speed gear hub that had been left to stand for years, and was recently refilled with light oil and has been in occasional use. I've noticed that the freewheel mechanism takes longer to (dis)engage than the derailleur varieties I'm used to, with roughly 30-40 degrees of play in it. Is this normal for a hub gear system? If not would I be right in thinking that it's internal gunking to blame, and would there be any solutions that don't involve taking the bike out of commission to disassemble the hub?


  • DickieDickie Posts: 1,489
    Sturmeys do have the back lash you describe. Shouldn't be a problem.
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