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Bash Guards??

Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
edited November 2008 in MTB beginners
Can someone explain bash guards to me?

Do they replace the outermost cog on the front gears (is this known as the derailleur)?

If so I guess this means the bike wont able to be pedelled as fast as a bike with the front cog present?

Am i correct?


  • Pete-CPete-C Posts: 353
    If at current you have three rings up front, the largest ring comes off and the bash guard goes in its place. Your correct in the fact that you wont be able to as fast but only if you used the outer ring beforehand. The derailleur is the metal bit above the chain rings that shifts the chain from one ring to the other.
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  • I've recently discovered that bash guards ARE available that fit the big ring (outer most ring)
    Check out chain reaction cycles and look at the Blackspire Big ring protector. It's not the cheapest of things really and they only seem to come in a 5-bolt set up - Look on your bike, your pedal arm (crank), where it attaches to the rings is there 4 or 5 bits springing off that bolt into the chain rings. - If 5, there is a products that fits!
  • Don't wish to hijack this thread, but while we're discussing bash rings, does anyone know what a chain device is for? as they are often seen hand-in-hand with bash rings.
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  • Schobiedoo wrote:
    Does anyone know what a chain device is for?
    If they are set up and working correctly they keep the chain from coming off the front chainring.
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