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Hi all

I'm hoping some knowledgeable folk can help me out with a little advice on where to go for theft insurance.

My precious two wheeler is pretty secure while I'm at work but I'd like some piece of mind for the rest of the time.

I have two things which complicate this a bit:

I've foolishly moved into somewhere where it's not very practical to bring it indoors so I have to leave it locked out on the street at night. Shiver...

It's not an off the shelf model - I put it together from a nice factory surplus frame I picked up off ebay, parts from Wiggle and Chain Reaction etc.

On the plus side I lock it up with an Abus Granit X (so insurance approved), it's a low crime area (for London) and I figure getting a Datatag or Immobitag and digging up as many receipts as I can find should get me around the second problem.

Any advice very much appreciated.



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    A full set of pictures of every part helps, I've unfortunately had 5 bikes stolen over the years, between me and the kids, and the insurance company has always asked for photo's and proof of purchase, especially foor anything non standard. What has helped is getting friendlly with my local bike shop, who have written letters for me confirming the replacement value of the bikes. A small price for a few doughnuts occasionally, and of course they get the business when I need a new bike.

    The thing to bare in mind with insurance companies is that they generally try to palm you off with a sub standard replacement from a supplier they have a deal with who is miles away. You don't have to acceppt this and can insist that the replacement comes from your lbs.
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  • Thanks for the tips! Good advice.

    What I'm most concerned about is the policies themselves, and exclusions about security.
    I.e. if it's at home, it must be locked inside with a 5-lever mortice lock on your front door and if you've left it locked out overnight have you technically 'abandoned' it? Or if you have an approved lock is that ok?
    I find the policy details a bit confusing.
    I don't want to waste my money on a policy if I can't claim...
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    I think you need to carefully read the wording of any policy you are considering and get them to answer any queries you have. Get them to do this in writing or of they just tell you over the telephone make a point to telling them that you're making a note of what they tell you, and then actually make that note and keep it.

    Insurers are notorious for trying to wriggle out of claims so the more evidence you have to suggest your covered for the particular event the better. I expect it is going to be expensive given that your leaving your bike outside. Can't you take the wheels off and take it inside?
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    Wheels and seat-post?
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