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Scott seatpost..

Richard85Richard85 Posts: 20
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Need some advice. I am thinking about changing the standard seatpost on my Scott Scale 35. It says its diameter is 34.9mm but I can't find any posts in this size ?? I can't even find any shims.

Please help...!!


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Quite a rare size, I think that Scott are the only manufacturer who use a 34.9mm post, there are a couple of posts available in that size, but I can't remember who makes them (sorry!)
  • You're limited to:

    Ritchey WCS Carbon
    Easton EA70 (rare though)

    Maybe the odd one or two, but the above are the only mainstream ones I have looked at
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  • I think Easton have discontinued the 34.9mm posts. They are not listed on the website anyway. You may still find one somewhere though. Otherwise, the Ritchey WCS is widely available.
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Cheapest I can find a Ritchey WCS Carbon post in 34.9 (in stock) is £125
  • £125...!!! Shame I can't find a cheap shim so I can have choose from a wider range
  • USE also do one in carbon, thinks it`s the Alien.. They also do a shim to use 31.6 posts and this would give you much more choice.
  • Kudu Bikes are doing them for 110.

    CRC sell the wrong size for 90. Ask them how much they can do a 34.9mm for (you will probably have to wait while they order in).

    The USE post is suspended.
  • DilkerDilker Posts: 88
    I imported mine from the US. I think i paid $125 plus a little postage... that was when the exchange rate was a bit more in our favor.

    I emailed the guy and requested he added a note to suggest the value was approx $40 so i paid no import duty.
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  • Scott advertise two seatposts on their website: the Genius Alloy OS and the Pro. Neither is 34.9mm though which is a bit useless. Maybe you could ask Scott why they don't sell seatposts that can be used by Scale and Spark owners.
  • Scott do make the alloy post it comes with and sell it after market. If you want carbon there are 2 Ritchey ones to choose from and a USE one which is rigid and not suspended as stated on a earlier post.
  • Couldn't afford the Ritchey WCS Carbon so got myself a USE shim that will reduce it to 31.6mm. Now I need to find a 31.6mm seat post. Do you think a smaller diameter seat post will look odd ?
  • I have fitted one on my spark and it looks much better than I anticipated. With 31.6 there will be plenty to choose from, I`m using carbon I-beam but Thhomson would be my choice for alloy.
  • I have fitted one on my spark and it looks much better than I anticipated. With 31.6 there will be plenty to choose from, I`m using carbon I-beam but Thhomson would be my choice for alloy.

    Is your Spark carbon or alloy?
  • Tank-slapperTank-slapper Posts: 968
    edited January 2009
    I've since found another - the Syntace P6 carbon also comes in 34.9mm.

    To sum up the 34.9mm diameter posts that are available for Scott bikes (besides Scott's own):

    Ritchey WCS carbon: length = 350/400mm, setback = 25mm, weight = 222g (400mm), price about £140

    Syntace P6 carbon: length = 350/420/480mm, setback = inline, weight = 244/274/284g, price about £115

    Use Sumo carbon: length = 400mm, setback = 10mm, weight = 249g, price about £85
  • Carbon.
  • Found some more 34.9mm seatposts, but we are getting desperate now:

    Cycle King Ultimate SL/SL Ti carbon: lengths 250/300/350/410mm, setback = inline, weight = 186g (400mm, SL Ti carbon), price about $99 (Ebay from Hong Kong)

    Tune Schwarzes Stuck carbon: lengths = 340/420mm, setback = inline, weight = 145g (340mm), price not known

    Schmolke TLO carbon: lengths = 200/250/300/350/400/450mm, setback = inline, weight = 68g to 120g, price about 450 Euros

    AX Europa carbon: lengths = 220/290/350mm, setback = inline, weight = 93g to 118g (31.6mm), price about 345 Euros

    And, apparently, the German version of Ebay is the place to look for others. Put 'Sattelstütze 34.9' into the search feature and quite a few appear.
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    The Tune you mention is available from poshbikes, but confusingly not in the 34.9 mm size.
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  • AlanWAlanW Posts: 291
    For what its worth, I fitted a USE shim to my Scott CRI Pro, then bought a 31.6mm sized WCS carbon stem.
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  • Richard85Richard85 Posts: 20
    I got the Easton EC70 Carbon Seatpost in the end. I had to wait a while for it to become in stock. Looks good and light too.
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