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Ventoux - does it get shut?

popettepopette Posts: 2,089
Sorry if this is a daft question but does it get closed as some of mountain passes further north do?
I'm planning a family holiday over there and was thinking May or early June - is it usually ok to cycle up it in May?



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    You'll be just fine May/ does get shut off for winter I beleive but I'm sure its open from around April depending on severity of winter? But its nowhere near as high as some of the big Alpine Passes...its just over 1950meters and since its in a relatively hotter part of France as say the Alps then it should be just fine...ask Craig from Veloventoux...he knows all you have to know...available here under the name 'Craigenty'
  • You could always get more info from vicky and craig at veloventoux
    that is
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  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    ah ha! I'm actually corresponding with Vicky at the moment regarding the Etape. I've seen Craig posting on here in the past but only just spotted the connection. I love their website and what they have done and have a dream to do something similar myself somewhere far into the future when the babies have flown the nest. Wouldn't it be wonderful?
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Popette - it can get shut for adverse weather in any month but generally not for long for snow at that time of year. I think the etape was affected a few years ago or is my memeory as censored as i think it is?

    Just take all weather kit - and enjoy (?) the ascent. If the wind is blowing make sure that Mr Popette and the mini-Popettes drive just in front of you especially after Chalet Renard.

    I rode it in 2003 and said I would never ever do it again and have just booked flights for mid June for a three day break over there and am looking forward to it so much.
  • Hi Popette,

    May is the best month of the year to come. The Ventoux is officially opened on the south side in mid April and on the north side in mid May. However like others have said it can be closed suddenly at any time of year in cases of adverse weather conditions. Having said that - it's often possible to ride up early in the year if snow cover is light and the weather is good. The earliest I've ridden up to the summit is March. All you do is walk round the barrier. There's one just above Chalet Reynard and one just above Mont Serein.
    The Paris Nice race went as far as Mont Serein last march - some pics here
    The weather was perfect with lots of snow on the ground. Very picturesque.
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