Using the turbo - the start of a long winter.

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The yellow tyre arrived today so (after pinching the inner tube and holing the thing) I am up and running.
I hate artificial bikes - I had one years ago and it nearly drove me nuts. Its like swimming in a pool - you can get out any time and NOT do the 50 lengths you originally wanted to achieve.
If you're 30 miles out on the bike, you have to get back. If you're 30 minutes on the turbo, you can just get off!
Last night I stayed on (and off, due to minor adjustments...) for an hour, by which time I was soaking wet and the garage was getting cold, so I count that as an early victory.

Its definitely a different sort of riding 'tho. I try to imagine I am riding that long straight road somewhere in France where it is actually possible to keep up a strong pace and cadence without having to take into account traffic, lights and all those other things that break up a long uninterrupted spell. :D
Winding it up and getting out of the saddle as I 'went up the Mortirolo' (in my mind... :D ) was fun too - I nearly went over the bars in my enthusiam to get to the top :?
Outside of the mp3 there was a noise I couldn't place (above the gearing, which needed a bit of re-indexing):
I stopped the music and found that the turbo was pretending to be a jet engine as it went round - bizarre. My neighbour wanted to know wtf I had in there.

Oh well - only 3 months to go.... :(
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  • I was asked if I had installed an extra washing machine. Mine is a Minora Rim Drive which is supposed to be quieter than normal ones too :( . I have decided that I will only use it in "emergencies" its very boring on the turbo and as long as its not raining I would rather be outside.
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    I have got a spinning bike in my garage this year and only got it as I am working normal hours as I use to work shifts and could still get some decent miles in during the winter.

    I have found it hard going - its boring and I clock watch all the time. Music helps and I keep telling myself that I will reap the benefits come spring but its hard to get motivated.
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    I've had a kettler ergo trainer for a couple of years and use their map sofware to chose routes when attached to my laptop but even then its sooooo boring and so tempting to just get off, that this year I've bought some ok lights and am doing hour to hour and a half in the evening when the weathers ok. I enjoy this so much more - and no more clock watching. I only use the inside trainer now when its blowing a gale or chucking it down.
  • tried them time and time again ...and cant really get into them . I have managed to talk a few cycling mates to brave the evening chills and just get out at night . Good lights , good visibilty clothing and best tip ...only start after 7 traffic ...its a weird but great way to ride ....i always feel like im going faster at night for some reason ....although im clearly not !

    so its a vote for road over roller for me ....

    remind me of that when im knee deep in rainwater !

    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
  • Got a Tacx Satori, saw Contador & the rest of the Disco team warming up on them at the 2007 TDF so decided they must be the nuts.

    First go.... a weld broke, sending me plus bike to the deck, still half attached to the trainer. Eventually got them to send me a new one, which seems solid, but its still the dullest possible thing. And as the OP says, u can just jump off at any time. In all honestly I've probably spent more time putting the tyre on & getting dressed up for it than I have actually on the trainer.

    Decided to commute by bike throughout winter instead, 5-6miles each way, regardless of the weather. Some hills, it's nice. Gotta get to work, and gotta get home afterwards, so guaranteed I'm doing 11-12 miles a day, more if I'm feeling sassy.

    So... Tacx Satori anyone (1 as new, 1 with a fixed weld)?
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    the poor disc is on the turbo!!! ;) lol, how you getting on with a disc cover?

    second for iMagic, mind you i dont use the online racing... RL vids and the catalyst for structured intervals helps
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  • i hate my turbo with a passion i just think its soo boring, i'd much rather be out in the wind and rain.
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  • I must admit, after the first session I thought **** this for a game, but I have since begun to develop a bit of mental discipline and as I am walking-commuting everyday, which is between 5-6 miles (I walk around a lot at work) I then go straight on the Tacx when I get in.
    The first 15 minutes is the killer - getting changed, freezing cold garage and just getting going :shock: . Then its ok. I am sweating like an eejit after 20 minutes and into the groove.
    What is going to keep me at it is:
    i) fear of putting on weight and losing any condition I had, due to reduced road work;
    ii) knowing I CANNOT get out, even at weekends, unless the Gods are kind.

    Besides, for me, turbo work is inherently different to being on the road - I am more likely to grind away in a bigger gear for longer. My road work is all up and down, stop start.
    Singlespeeds in town rule.