Condor bikes?

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Hi as there are so many bikes around the £1000 mark, one of the bikes I'm considering is the condor Italia veloce

Any Condor owners on here?
Your thoughts and opinions please
Are Condor bikes rated highly or a bit of a niche?

How well does the condor Italia veloce compare to the following:

Bianchi Nirone 7 Veloce
specialized Allez Elite
Boardman Road Team 09
Focus Culebro 2009

I'll hopefully be test riding a condor Italia veloce soon & have sat on the following
specialized Allez
Boardman Road Team 08
Bianchi Nirone 7 Veloce

Anyone know where one can get a full spec for the condor Italia veloce?
The Condor website is a little sparse on actual specs. :?


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    I think they are a highly rated niche brand!

    When I emailed them asking about spec they sent me an excel spreadsheet with all the specs and options with costs - they are very customisable.
  • if you leave with in striking distance of the shop (wc 1) the after sales service is v.good making them a good choice... if you buy one their bikes they look after you...

    the bikes are good but a little bit pricey compared to the interweb...

    the italia is a fine steed...

    living in london and a regular consumer of road cycle bits and bobs I don't see the point of shopping anywhere else to be honest.
  • Hi
    I have an Italia from sept 07 - it was my first road bike, and I think it's brilliant. Dedacciai tubing, built in italy, very responsive, rides really well. I have tiagra 9 speed with Fulcrum 7 wheels and the bike weighs about 20Lbs - not that light compared to a carbon framed bike, but then as a first bike I didn't want to spend too much.
    Just had a winter bike built up and went for campag centaur, and having now ridden campag I wish I'd gone for campag on the italia, but that's another discussion.......
  • biondino
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    alfablue wrote:
    I think they are a highly rated niche brand!

    Niche?! Ahh, you don't live in London ;)
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    I have a Condor Bellissima (WSD version of the Italia) and am finding myself getting out of bed at 0530 to play out on it ....
  • I got a Condor italia centaur about 7 years ago - served by 'greg' in shop and i found the whole service brilliant. Enthused and passionate about the bike and what i'd get out of it. Went back in after a few months new tall posh bloke, full of advice - changed stem for free as position wasn't quite right , felt like their only customer. Geneally they couldn't do enough for me.

    Went in a year ago thinking about a new one and didn't like the attitude at all, felt like i was wasting the salesman's timeand he wasn;t too interested in what i wanted - although still saw greg at counter in shop.

    Currently ride a Time VXS carbon for rides and a surley steamroller for commute.
    Time much faster, surley goes anywhere but the condor has a stability factor - like glued to road that the lighter and heavier bikes can't match.

    Yes i'll probably buy another condor but i'll book an appointment with condor greg one.
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    Nice thing about Condor is that the frames are made in Italy and that you can spec your own choice of components. So if Specialized thinks you should run Sora, and you'd rather have Tiagra/Veloce/whatever, Condor will do it.