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advice for newbies like me on cheap bikes looking for speed!

landscapingsamlandscapingsam Posts: 174
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I have just recently posted a thread on average speed etc.

on a recent trip to halfords picking up some lube i bumped into a bargin 2x conti ultra gator skins for a tenner the pair! they were 28mm wide but thought id use them as a safer winter tyre. so i took off my kenda kontenders from my giant scr3 and popped these bad boys on. while i was there did some adjustments and found out some measurements on how my bike should be set up for me.

went out today with new geometry and new rubbers and wow what a difference, it was like a whole new bike. the tyres were faster more stable and smoother, the bumps in the road were less noticable and they made for an all together better, faster ride.

so if your looking for a big improvement for small cost look into your tyres and check to see your set up fits you properly.

this is where i got my meaurements from
i appretiate they are basic but they made a huge difference for me

best of luck
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