2nd bike help after 1st was stolen today

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Hi all

We'll having bought my first racer 3 months ago ( GT 4 series for £450) and enjoying road bike world,

I have just had my bike stolen today outside kensington and chelsea town hall in west london. I feel gutted, her name was shakira and now I fell alone lol :x .

So now I'm looking at a new bike If my shakira doesen't turn up. I have about £400 to 650 as its short notice.

People say I should buy a second hand bike for the same price and get a good spec, what do you think or shall i just buy a brand new one.

I'm also doing london to paris bike ride june09 so will need good bike for that.

any help appreciated abd any qhestion just ask.

Thanks d :x


  • felgen
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    Sorry to hear that..... theiving theives! I was paranoid about leaving my bike in Paddington today but it was there when I got back thank god.

    Is your budget 650 max?.... if so there is a lot for that around... it might just get you a 105 equipped bike, which would be a nice touch.... what about:

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=25459 though you might not fancy a triple
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Focus_Variado_2008/5360032370/ perenially highly rated.

    Anyway, I am sure others can give some more suggestions! Good luck with the new wheels
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  • Thanks for ur help mate.

    to be honest the storm sounded very promising. so thats in my head now. spec sounds good. is a triple gear system ideal for london as i live there and ride from west london out to futher open roads.

    also i have these in my head have you looked at these yet.

    (1) Specialized Allez 27 2008 Road Bike
    (2) http://www.boardmanbikes.com/
    (3) http://www.evanscycles.com/products/bia ... e-ec016953

    sorry about qhestions, still getting use to raod life.

    and as for theives what comes around goes around, my they burn in hell lol.

  • sicknote
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    I would have a look at second hand as I have seen some real good buys for that money :wink:
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    London is bike theft central, gangs go around in transits looking for locked up bikes. tbh I'd only leave a Halfords £100 jobbie in london
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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    felgen wrote:
    Sorry to hear that..... theiving theives! I was paranoid about leaving my bike in Paddington today but it was there when I got back thank god.

    You left a PX in paddington!! :shock:
  • guys I have just been offered a boardman comp 6 months old for £500

    what you think.

    this si some of the stuff he said;

    Its just been through a comprehensive service at The Bike Hut in Putney and fitted with a new Truvativ Elita 50/36 compact GXP Chainset.

    To deal with London roads and weather, Armadillo's have been to fitted to both front & rear wheels. The pedals are SPD combos for that flexibility you need in traffic. The neat Carbon Cage caters for most water bottles.