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Cycling club in witney?

bazbadgerbazbadger Posts: 553

Trying to find out if there is a cycling club in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Any contacts would be helpful

Mens agitat molem


  • Hello Mr Badger. I asked something similar sometime ago: ... ght=witney

    I've not been along to the meet up point yet though! Just has first baby arrive so my riding is non existent for the time being. Although happy to meet if you fancy it, I'll be plodding at the moment though.

    Also Mid Oxon CRT seem to be based out our way a bit and the Oxford Clubs often come out West too meeting at Eynsham every now and then.
  • oxoneiloxoneil Posts: 147
    bazbadger wrote:

    Trying to find out if there is a cycling club in Witney, Oxfordshire.

    Any contacts would be helpful


    No there isn't but, as mentioned in the other thread, the group still goes out on Saturday mornings.

    Local clubs are

    Wychwood Road Club

    Only Oxford City have a regular organised ride but it is really geared (!) around racing people so they don' hang around. It all depends what sort of cycling you're after really.
  • Aha! What is this Wychwood Road Club of which you speak?

    I got out for the first time in months this Saturday AM and as I was finishing and heading up Oxford Hill, Witney to turn right into Cogges I saw a group coming the other way turning left from Cogges to Witney....who was that?!

    Anyway I'm still on a funny old timetable with the baby so unreliable for group rides, but retain an interest in anything local that I might be able to get along to at some future date.
  • VelosaintVelosaint Posts: 1

    Midoxon have a regular Sunday morning club run often heading out to the western side of the county. We meet at 8.30 outside carfax in Oxford, rides usually 50-60 miles at a steady pace with the obligatory coffee stop. Destination varies each week but if you're interested go to to see the club run calendar.

    Cheers phil
  • Thanks for the info, I've looked at Midoxon a few times . I'll have to resolve to get out and do one of these rides at some point rather than asking about them and doing nothing....
  • Our group meets at 0930 on a saturday, we do approx 50 miles. We meet in a layby near the tennis club. Hope to see you there.
  • I have also been looking for any clubs around witney, but to no avail... There are many keen cyclists in and around Witney.

    However there is a mountain bike club, but im a road rider and Witney locals will all know John in Witney Cycles on corn street.

    So i am currently looking for local cyclists in and around witney who would like to join a club and help me run it!

    More info is at
  • ... 583704993..

    Bunch of Witney riders who go out on Saturdays meeting at Smiths Industries on the Old Burford Rd at 10:00 I think ,but send Mark Blakley a message on facebook to get exact time,,.. but some go out with Flavio Zappis Club (also on Facebook ) on Saturday or Sunday from Zappis Cafe in Jericho at 09:00...Cappos and cake afterwards..nice, If you race there is a healthy race programme as well and team kit, and Zappi Coffee beans if thats your think (its mine ) Ciao Steve (Empidog ) :roll:
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