Bianchi C2C Via Nirone - Am I making a mistake

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Apologies this is in esance another 'What Bike' thread however my paranoia is getting the better of me.

I am getting a bike on my works Cycle to Work scheme and have seen the following bike:
Fancy New Bike

My riding is mainly a 12.5 mile commute (Each way) and a gentl club run at the weekends. I currently ride a Trek 1000 and was wanting to get as good a bike as I can afford to have as my summer bike.

I have seen the above bike and it looks excellent to me, I like the fact it is Campag as well as I get the impression that is a bit smoother that Shimano (I probably might as well add: Helmets save lives, Lance doesn't dope and you shouldn't RLJ! :wink: ). My question is, am I making a big error? Is there a bike people would reccomend more (£600-£800)? I should add, I am looking to do start doing 2 0r 3 TT's next year along with a couple of Sportif's.

Sorry for what might be a frustrating thread for some however thank you in advance for any suggestions at all. They will all be very welcome.


Ben :D


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    its a beautiful error whatsoever
  • You've just highlighted a new bike for me so I've now got 3 to chosse from, this one is smack in the middle and looks pretty sweet, like the campag set up on it!!
  • Sounds promising.

    Andy, out of intrest you don't happen to work for the prominant employer in the town do you? I do and we wouldn't want to clash! :lol:


  • I do indeed, down at Copley!

    Was looking at either the Allez Sport or Boardman Road Comp, good old Flex!

    Bianchi lookes nice though, I think it might just swing it. Will have to have a sit on one though.
  • You won't be disappointed with the Via Nirone. If you do get the bike I would recommend changing the wheels as the Ambrosio rims are pretty useless.

    Try and get the Veloce groupset also. However, if this is out of your budget then there is nothing wrong with Mirage.

    All in all it's a great bike. I've had mine (Pre C2C design) since 2005 and it has served me very well indeed. A great training bike and I've also done a few sportives and TT's on it.
  • Thanks for the advice. What is the diff with the Veloce? Is it just better quality?
  • Obviously people will form their own opinions on groupsets. In my opinion the Veloce groupset is much smoother than Mirage and Xenon. It's lighter and has a better quality feel all round. Veloce shifts so much smoother than Mirage and it also changes up and down much quicker.

    What colour frame are you going for?
  • Isn't it like buying a Ferarri? Surely there is only 1 colour you can go for given the choice? The Celeste.

    If I go for the Veloce model I am looking at a price of about £999. Are the wheels better standard on this or is that still a potential upgrade area?
  • Good choice of colour!!

    Mine came with Ambrosio wheels and Mirage Groupset and that set me back £800 3 years ago. I've not seen the 2008 / 2009 spec for the Via Nirone with Veloce but I would imagine you would get slightly better wheels for the Via Nirone with Veloce as opposed to the Via Nirone with Mirage and Xenon. I may be wrong so I'd recommend checking first.

    Either way I'd upgrade the wheels to some Mavic Ksyrium Elites or Campag Zonda's provided your budget will allow you to do so!
  • I've got the 2008 Sora version in black. Its my first road bike after many years of mountian biking and i'm well impressed with it. To be honest i wanted the celeste mirage one but they had sold out by the time i'd made my mind up. Many people have told me that bottom end shimano is better than bottom end campag. Everything works fine but i have nothing to compare it against so i don't really know on that one!
  • I bought one learleir this year.

    I am happy with it.

    The rims oddly enough, whilst critisised by earlier posters, are in fact reasonably heavy duty, and cope with my commute on pretty poor roads.

    I got the xenon groupset, and all I'd say is the cheap plastic shifters let it down. When you order, get an upgrade to at least the next shifter up, trust me you won't regret it, its the only think I'd change til I get a lot fitter and a lot more miles under my belt.

    Not sure the bars are the comfiest either, the best doesnt seem to suit me, but the saddles fine, the brakes stop, the cranks worthy enough and the rear and front shifters work, albeit not as smoothly as I;d expected, but thats partially down to my hamfisted ways after years of Shimano on my mountain bike.

    Frame fits me well, and is actually comfier than I'd expected an ali frame to be, I guess the carbon forks with that kvid system broably take a bit more buzz out the road than I'd have guessed.

    You cant buy a bad bike really in this day and age at that kind of cash, and all I can say is I still get a little thrill from looking at mine parked in the hallway. - All things being equal its prettier than the alternatives to my eyes and if pride in ownership is recognised as part of the bike woning thing, then why not...
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