Boardman Road Comp '09 or Specialized Allez Sport Double '09

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Right here goes,

This is going to be my first road bike (ride a mointain bike at the moment) and I've narrowed it down to these two bikes, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

I've had a test ride on the Spec and its a lovely bike, fits right feels nice and smooth and looks the bollox. I've got a Specialized dealer near me who's nice as pie and very helpful which is always handy.

On the other hand there's the Boardman Road comp which is £150.00 cheaper, lighter and better specced. However, it's supplied by Halfrauds, not sure if I trust them to set the bike up to the correct standard.

What would you do??

Cheers, Andy.


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    You could get halfords to build the bike and take it to a shop to get it checked over and spend the rest on kit.

    Friend got last years comp and is very happy with it.

    Cant say much more as I am still a noob with road bikes now ( just getting back to them after a few years off )

    Good luck with what ever you get, lucky sod :wink:
  • As above, also a newbie...

    But i'd go for the comp, take it to your friendly bloke at the LBS and then spend the £150 you've just saved on treats and gadgets for your shiny new bike.

    I think a lot of people (inc me) spend as much as you can on a new bike, and then not have much left for bits and pieces that can often make a bigger difference to the general enjoyment.

    Just my 2p - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.
  • These are also the 2 bikes that my partner has narrowed down. Phoned Halfords last week and they say they have got no 2008 Boardmans in stock and don't know when the 2009 models will be in :?

    There's a Specialized Concept store nearby in Chester and had a look at the Allez Sport (really nice) but waiting for the correct size to be obtained to try it out.

    On helpfulness, it looks like Specialized will be getting our business
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  • If you like the Allez fit and 'feel', have you considered the Allez 18 '09 (ie not the Sport)? You'd save £200 and could use that for pedals, shoes other other goodies.

    Good luck... :)
  • Cheers for all the posts guys.

    Just had a look at the specs and the gearing seems to go a bit lower on the Allez so that might swing it for me, I live in quite a hilly area! Might even have a look at a triple yet.
  • All,

    Just seen another bike thats smack in the middle of the above 2, what do you all think compared to the Allez and Boardman Comp?

    Bianchi Nirone 7 Xenon 2009. £699.99, campag setup as well!
  • In a similar quandry myself (as per my post last night), but had a look in Leisurelakesbikes this afternoon & I'm now quite tempted by the Allez 18 @ £549.99

    This is around my budget & I quite like the look of the bike so it's favourite at the moment.

    Let us know if you make a decision.....
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    Halfords gets knee-jerk reaction here, but I have had utterly useless service and set-up from Evans - and exceptional good service from individuals working there as well. An LBS in rural Hampshire managed to sell a friend - a 5.8 woman - a massive men's hybrid that's far too big for her. In most big shops there is someone sensible. With Evans, I got quite practised cutting through the wasters.
  • I'd say go for the Boardman comp, I'm quite temped myself!

    If you don't trust halfords, build it yourself, you only have to put the seat post on, stem on, front wheel on and adjust the brakes and gears!
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  • Thanks agian for the replies, I do like the spec of the boardman but I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to names!! I don't really want to be seen on a 'Halfords' bike if you know what I mean!!! Also the gearing is a bit out for my liking. As far as I know it's a 50/36 9speed and I live in hilly area so it might not be the best choice. The Bianchi is 50/34 & 12/25 where as teh Allez is 50/34 & 11/25. I think they would be better suited to the hills.

    Or, should I not bother with a double and start looking at triples? Allez Triple, Trek 1.5 triple etc etc.

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    A triple is fine, especially for first bike. Personally, I think Boarmans are far more stylish that Specialized, which are everywhere.
  • As I said previousley, the gearing on the Boardman isn't really suited for me and the area I live in. I really need a compact for what I'm going to be doing.

    Thanks for your opinion though.
  • Why not get the Boardman and then swap for a different ratio cassette or Chain Rings? Halfords may be prepared to swap them (or probably not), or you could try and sell them on eBay or somewhere
  • To be honest I just want to be able to jump on the bioke and get riding without the hassle of swapping bits.
  • No problem, if you just want to jump on and go, you could ask Halfords if they'll do the swap, if so great, if not then you could take your business elsewhere. All of the bikes you mention are pretty good options and with the current climate you can be choosy as to what you're prepared to spend your hard earned cash on.
    Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
  • Well, with Halfords having the recent 10% sale I cancelled the order for the Allez and have opted for the Boardman Road Team 09, got it for £719.99, had a look at one last night, tried it out and fell in love, felt so much nicer than the Allez and was a better fit. All the new SRAM gearing on it is awesome as well.

    I know Halfords seem to have a bad rep but the guy I spoke to last night (Kieran, Huddersfield) couldnt have been more helpful. He came accross as very knowledgable and a keen cyclist himself.

    Happy Days!
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    Congratulations. It would be interesting to know how you get on. I would have gone for a Boardman, but my cycle to work scheme meant Evans so I got a Trek 1.7 instead.
  • I'll keep you posred!

    Also, for information Halfords have got some pretty good offers on clothing/accessories at the moment, such as buy one get one half price on clothing, saved £17.50. I picked up a Joe Blow track pump for £26 and a set of Topeak light that had £11.00 knocked off.

    Happy as Larry!
  • Take a knowledgeable friend to check the bike over before you leave halfords and have them fix any issues. I would at least test it round the car park before driving away.