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Would you buy these lights?

steveofshrops3478steveofshrops3478 Posts: 40
edited November 2008 in XC and Enduro
Ok, so the winter had come and the evenings are now longer. The gap between the end of work and darkness setting in has overlapped, and unless you have a decent set of lights, you're destined to ride at weekends only!

I wanted to get some lights, but wasn't happy with either the features of the cheap ones or the price of the good ones.

This gave me 1 final option. Develop my own.

Ok, so I now have a set of lights which out perform the 450 quid light and motions that you can get, with about 3 hours run time giving out 1300 lumens (stunning performance) and I am planning to add some more light level settings for increased burn time.

My question is, would the following be useful in a light?

It will monitor your speed, and brighten / dim depending on your speed. I.e, so if you're going up a climb at walking pace, you'll get say 40% light output, but if you're really going for it you get 100% light. Also, after you'd been stopped for, say 5 seconds, it would drop to about 125-20%. All in an effort to make the brightness settings autonomous.

Would this be a useful feature, or is it a case of over engineering which addresses a problem which doesn't exist?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Also, if you're interested in the lights, I could probablly make a few extra units to sell on. I think they would end up costing around the £100 mark.
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