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Marmotte 2009 - How do I enter ?

HarpHarp Posts: 79
I am toying with doing the Marmotte next year.
Ideally I'd like to do my own tour and not go on an organised one, cost being the main factor.
How is the Marmotte booked ?? Is it open to individuals or would I have to go through a tour company ?
I've got loads of other questions but if I have to go through a tour company that will answer a lot of them !

So basically I need to know how and when to enter as an individual.



  • mark_dmark_d Posts: 61
    Enter online at Individual entry is fine -- no need for a tour company. The site says registration will open 01/2009.

    Search this forum for Marmotte threads; every question you're likely to ask has probably been asked and answered already.

  • BooboocpBooboocp Posts: 1,156
    I did a entry only in 2007 for myself and a small group I was training, then sorted accomodation seperately to keep down the costs. Worked quite well and it was a fantastic week, giving us a chance to look at the route and do some easy training.

    It's a fantastic area and you can't help but get caught up in the atmosphere of it all. I've done many, many european sportives including etape's, but this rates as the best (and be warned - hardest) by far.
    <b>Event Website:</b>
  • HarpHarp Posts: 79
    Cheers Guys
    From what I've read elsewhere in the forum I understand that it is best to get into as early a group as possible, I'll watch for the entry opening.

    If I am entering online, how is the bit about the doctor's certificate handled ? Do I enter on line then post the certificate or is it shown on the day ?

  • APIIIAPIII Posts: 2,010
    You can email/fax them a copy of your medical certificate beforehand, or just show it to them when you collect your registration pack the day before the event (that's what I did this year)
  • Don't worry too much about early entry - it does affect your start order but that's not going to influence your day unless you're up there with the pros. I entered last year about a month beforehand and all was fine.
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