who can draw me a frame?

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My mate go to do business in china and he found the guy who can make titanium frame for me. But first I need someone who can design and draw it for me. Do you know anyone who can do that?


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    you'd be better 'ahem' pinching the geometry of a frame you like the look / fit / ride of

    Most of the manufacturers will publish full geometry on their websites - the manufcturer wil be able to produce it from this spec I'd have thought.
  • xcad will do you a fairly cheap Ti frame, probably worth a look as it'll be less hassle than trying to get a mate to bring one back!
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    Sorry to jump in, but I'd been wondering if "pinching the geometry of a frame you like the look / fit / ride of" would serve this purpose. For example, I'd like a Ti version of my Tricross Single: anyone else used XACD to "replicate" a stock frame? Would one need to have exactly the same forks to make the dimensions/geometry "work"? Having to buy a Tricross just for the forks would make the whole thing a bit pricey!
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    you could figure out the fork specs on a tri-cross though - the crown height - i'd imagine it would be fairly high so any fork which is designed to take deep drop calipers (and therefore mudguards) would be there or there abouts.

    so a set of these forks:
    http://www.cycleworld.co.uk/product/140 ... rbon_Forks

    plus the geometry for a tri-cross would probably be pretty good / close to the original tri-cross fit and ride.

    (I appreciate that the tri-cross has canti brakes btw - it was just an example of a 'higher' fork)
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    OR you could get a professional to make you a GOOD bike? Surely it's an investment anyway, and face it... when is the cheap option EVER better? If you look into getting a titanium bike from a pro where you live, you will know they are making the most of the geometry for the qualities of the material and what you want the bikes strengths to be and you will have their back-up for the life of the bike. Seems like a worthwhile price to pay to me.
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    If you're as fickle as me (or indeed as old and relatively poor) then a cheap option is nearly always better! What need do I have for a bike that's going to last more than a year or two? I've had at least 30 or 40 in last 7 years - only one stayed as long as a year and most less than 3 months!

    Thanks for the forks advice.
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  • You could always draw it up yourself - http://www.bikeforest.com/CAD/index.php
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    40 bikes in 7 years ?? Do you ever get used to any ?
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    I've designed a couple including a disc-braked 'cross bike when no body made one, or a fixed gear road frame both in titanium and from XACD. I'd always start with a proven design or a bike you own and vary from that only in dimensions you know the reason for that change e.g. tyre/brake clearances - if you don't know about things like fork trail and steering angles, don't spend £500 on a custom frame to find out how! XACD will take your basic dimensions and produce a full-dimensioned CAD drawing. Basic bike dimensions are seattube, toptube and headtube lengths, headtube and seattube angles, BB drop and fork rake - everything else depends of things like wheels and brakes
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