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i just bought a specialized langster and was wondering what hydraulic brakes i could fit to it as the standard cable pull one wont slow me down, i am 17 stones.


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    i like to go down steep hills and do skids, i cant do any of this on my new bike and i am very sad.
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    the bike is a size 49 if that makes a difference
  • Magura HS11s are the mutts nutts buy 3 sets and link them all to one brake lever.
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    thanks rasper you are very usefull.
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    You've got a size 49 Langster and you're 17stone?
    I like bikes...

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    yeah. what?
  • Them breaks will stop anything. Just fit koolstop pads and check cable tension plus consider new tyres. Im a heavy guy and they slow me down despite occasional 50 mph deecent speeds. Its technique - hydraulics are completely unnecessary for any weight rider.
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    The limiting factor is the grip between the tyre and the road. If you put a decent set of pads in and the brakes are set up fine you should be able to lock wheels. To get more grip look at changing tyres to continental gp4000s or similar

    p.s. do you have nothing else to do with your life? lets hope that all the chat doesn't descend to the meaningless puerile levels of say talkrowing
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