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average speeds?

landscapingsamlandscapingsam Posts: 174
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Hi, first post for me so i hope that someone can help. I'm pretty new to this cycling really due to my new interest in triathlon.

coming from a bit of running experience i understand my minute mile targets and what is respectable in terms of speed but i have no real concept of this in cycling, on my most recent ride of 50 hilly cornish miles i averaged 15mph, im hoping to increase this over the winter but how much increase is realistic? what should i aim for av, mph? just about to change to some slightly wider winter rubbers which im sure will slow me a little though.

also hoping to upgrade wheels and tyres for the new season on my scr3 got my eye on planet x model b's they seem very good value in terms of weight:cost ratio but does anyone have any experience of these? also would heavier wheels with better hubs be more beneficial in terms of ride and performance than just going for out and out weight?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated

thank you

p.s keen to meet up with other riders in cornwall for some experience and company!


  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    I'd be pretty happy with a 15mph average over 50 miles around Cornish roads.

    I normally ride between 10 & 30 milles when I road ride and average around 18mph.

    Interesting that you are in to triathlons, I did Helston & Hayle 'sprint' tri's this year. They are very addictive.

    I'd be happy to join you for a ride or 2 or more . . .

    Where are you livin? I'm in St Columb.
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  • 15 mph is probably respectable but one persons hill is another persons bump in the road. Not knowing the area, I can't really say whether it is good or not but there are quite a few people around these forums who find 15mph on the flat a challenge, so judge for yourself.

    In terms of the planet x model B's please read the following thread regarding these wheels
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  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    knowing Cornwall its not got big hills but its not got much flat either so I guess you're up and down all the time, I would say average of 15mph over 50 miles on that terrain is fine. On that sort of terrain unless you want to be really serious then I'd try to work your way up by 1 or 2 mph over the winter - 17 would be very respectable indeed.
  • chuckcorkchuckcork Posts: 1,471
    Just done a 46 mile cycle at an average of 17mph over hilly roads in East Cork, along the lines of 3 mile gentle climb, some flat, 3 mile descent, most of which was without the club (I was chasing from behind).

    Until I caught them up my average had been slightly higher at 17.7mph and that was pushing a bit hard, the drop in average speed came after I caught up with them!

    I'd say 17mph is a good average target, usually when out by myself I'll take it easy though and probably do about 15-16mph.
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  • I did a 50mile cornish ride just today. Those who live & ride in these parts know it can be very up & down but usually the mixture it keeps it interesting.
    My average speeds have dipped since the winter weather has drawn in, the wet cornish lanes & fallen leaves make for hazardous downhills & sharp bends so you have to tip toe along at times.
    Today I averaged 15mph around a mixture of lanes & main roads in east cornwall in the wet but further west it seems a little flatter. Truro to lands end & back averaged 17mph.
    I've been road riding for about 3 months so hopefully i've got room for improvement but I reckon 15-17mph average around cornwall is fair over a decent distance.
  • Over the summer riding on my own I was averaging between 17-20mph, depending on how far, conditions etc.

    Now it is the winter I am averaging around 13mph and it will stay that way until January.
  • thanks for all the advice guys, guess i have to train hard over the winter and maybe join a club next year. will get some idea of how quick i am then i suppose!
  • ARobARob Posts: 143
    i did some rides on the hills around camelford and trebarwith over the summer and got around 15-16 mph. in kent i usually do around 18-19mph over 40-50 averagly hilly milles and am very pleased with that so would say you're doing pretty well for the terrain!
  • JGSJGS Posts: 180
    alvynmcq wrote:
    Over the summer riding on my own I was averaging between 17-20mph, depending on how far, conditions etc.

    Now it is the winter I am averaging around 13mph and it will stay that way until January.

    I'm glad it's not just me feeling this as well. My commute average is a lot lower than what my summer average was (I've only just been in a position to commute on the bike recently). I put it down to being half dazed in the morning and knackered after work, but maybe it's a little bit to winter as well.
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