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Just a quick question - Will look Delta Cleats fit Look Keo pedals or do they have to be Keo Cleats?
Also, what is the degree of float on a cleat? That's a phrase that completely washed over me...

Ok, it was 2 questions. Thanks :wink:
Not lost, just exploring...


  • Al_38
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    Delta cleats won't fit in a Keo pedal or vice versa AFAIK

    float is the amount by which your foot can swivel on the pedal - 0degrees locks your foot to the pedal so your heal can't move towards or away from the frame during the pedalling motion. increasing amounts of float allow your heal to move about more. Essentially that is it, it might effect minimally how much you have to twist your foot to get the pedal to disengage. but not much.

  • JGS
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    Keo and Delta cleats don't fit the opposite pedals, it's a slightly different design. A bit of float stops you from severely damaging your knees if you're cleats are not set-up 100% perfect, which they won't be unless you get a pro to sort them out (definitely not a Halfrauds pro either).