winter footwear on the road

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Should i use summer shoes with thick socks and overshoes or buy some winter specific shoes/boots? :?


  • mrkwr
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    Whichever costs the more - your economy needs you!
  • John.T
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    Don't force thick socks in to the shoes. Tight shoes are even colder. Good thermal socks and overshoes should surfice. If not get winter shoes that you can fit thick socks or Sealskins into easily.
  • redddraggon
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    I just throw overshoes over the top of my shoes. Feet still get wet but they stop warm and my shoes don't get covered in crap - days like today you just have to accept getting wet and just try to keep warm.
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  • Blonde
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    Merino wool socks are excellent for warmth without bulk. I use "Woolie Boolie" socks and they are only slightly thicker than my mesh summer socks but are very warm. I use the same shoes all year round. Wind proof toe covers or overshoes will also stop the cold air flowing through the shoes. The more bulky types made from neoprene are good for wet weather and work like a wet suit - they are warmer when wet, but the thin wind proof type are best for cold dry days.
  • JGS
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    I use some Gore Race Gore-Tex overshoes, and while they aren't as tight fitting as neoprene or Windstopper they are breathable and warm as well as being 100% waterproof and a lot lighter than neoprene. Definitely reccomend them for anyone else.
  • giant_man
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    The golden rule, I have found anyway, is to buy winter shoes or boots a size too large, wear thick winter socks, such as Woolie Booies or Sealskinz, creating 'warm air space', hey prosto warm feet. Works for me.

    You have to have that little bit of room to create this. Shoes too tight, and your feet will remain cold.