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Cassette Sram or Shimano?

RidgRidg Posts: 98
edited November 2008 in MTB buying advice
this has probably been asked before but i couldn't see any other threads and the search wasn't that helpful.

basically after peoples thoughts on which cassette to go for; i'm looking at either the shimano XT M770 £32 ~ 256g (for the 11-32) or paying the extra for a sram PG990 £40 ~ 275g (for the 11-32)

now weight wise the XT is the obvious choice and it's cheaper, however there are loads of people saying it's weak and bends easily and that the heavier srams are more robust and whats 9g and an extra £10 if it's going to last longer

my current cassette (that came with the bike) is also sram and that's atleast 4 years old and as good as the day i bought it, so i've had a good experience from the scram, just wondered what people thought about the two brands.



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