bikes priced between £1000-1500

matty 66
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hi there i have a training bike but looking for a decent racing bike for around £1500
cheers matt


  • For what function Mat?
  • Al_38
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    Personally I am a fan of cannondales, you could pick up a Caad9 or six13 in that kind of range which would make a good race bike. Otherwise I have just built a new race bike, it is a velo vie and I am very impressed - it is exceptionally stiff and fast. You might want to look at a vitesse 100 or 200 which should be on budget. I think their Uk distributor is veloaddict.

  • I would personally go for the Trek Madone 4.5 or 4.7.

    It depends what type of riding you intend on doing. For sportives I would recommend a Bianchi 928 C2C with Campagnolo Veloce groupset. There are some real bargain to be had at the end of 2008.