Any advice on a commuting route from Beckenham to London

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Have just joined up after searching for some advice on a 'best commute route'.

I used to live in Norbury and commuted into London (Westminster) through Streatham, Brixton, Clapham, Battersea then to Westminster via Vauxhall Bridge - journey took around 40 - 45mins.

I now live in Beckenham and am struggling to find a route to London without climbing the steep hills of Crystal Palace and the surrounds. I'd like to commute to work by bike and wondered if anyone had any advice on how to avoid the hills etc.

I've seen through another post in this forum regarding a commute from Bromley South to London via Catford which looked pretty good. I've used the TFL journey planner to plot a route from my road (Ravenscroft Road (BR3)) to Catford station which takes 17mins. Is Catford station a good checkpoint to head to or could I do better via other routes through Catford ... or in fact anywhere else where I won’t have to worry too much about hills.

Any advice is much appreciated




  • Hi Phil,
    You could refer to this map - ... outes.html

    (hope this link works and zoom it up) and you will see that there is a traffic free section from Beckenham through to Catford Station - in fact I believe it goes as far as Lewisham. I have ridden a bit of it (more by accident than design) and it was very pleasant. If you are going to follow the A205 from Catford it is uphill until the Horniman museum and then downhill into Dulwich. I hope this helps. :D
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  • That's a googd little map, very useful! they should do something like this london-wide. They invest so much money into getting people to ride etc but i really dont belive enough is done regarding mapping for a bike rider - with information on such things as hills, traffic etc (unless i'm very wrong)

    Does anyone else make the journey to London from or via Catford? very interested to hear your views on the journey.
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    Beckenham (Penge borders) to Fenchurch Street.
    Kent House Road.
    Left intoParrish Lane.
    Left Lennard Road
    Left Venner Road
    Left Sydenham High Street.
    Kirkdale and continue second exit off roundabout
    Sydenham Hill (or reduce the one large hill by going down Dartmouth Road and then left onto the South Circular at Forest Hill Rail Station
    Left onto Lordship Lane (South Circular)
    Right Barry Road
    Left PEckham Rye.
    Follow bus route through Peckham and cross main road via pedestrian crossing into Burgess Park.
    Out of park at second road bridge and forward towards Old Kent Road.
    Left onto OKR
    Right after Tecso
    Follow road to T junction.
    Left then right at next traffic lights onto Tower Bridge approach.
    Over the river and you are nearly their.
    8 and a bit miles to hills.
    35 minutes on a good day. Up to 50 on a wet windy day with a hangover.
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    I go past your way on my commute...

    I'd recomend down beckenham hill along the A23 then use the A200 pretty much till you get to london bridge, join the embankment for a blast and you're there

    loads of bus lanes and only a few pinch points on the A200

    I take that route but head off at tower bridge
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  • I cycle from West Wickham to The Strand via Beckenham but go the Sydenham route which includes Sydenham Hill. As a newbie to this route 7 years ago the only tough part I had was the return leg up Sydenham Hill off the A205 (South Circular) opposite the Horniman Museum however with a geared bike I never got off and walked and as time progressed used bigger gears to climb it. It makes a useful training target and has become more interesting on a fixed wheel!

    If you're interested in giving it a go I'll post my route.
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  • Here's my old route from shortlands to blackfriars ... ds-bromley

    Mostly a great little ride actually. Quiet roads in the main with a little paved off-road as an added bonus.


  • Wow, thanks for the replies - you're all a great help

    i'd like to try a few of these routes, so any that are posted will be greatly appreciated