SRAM v Shimano Componentry

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Can someone point me in the right direction for a comparison betweeen the different levels of components by these two esteeemed manufacturers?

Or just a simple like for like {ie Rival = 105 for example}

Choice of bike is hingeing on this decision...
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  • Al_38
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    To be honest there is very little difference between most good groupsets now. shimano is more common than sram. I have heard that rival sits somewhere between 105 and ultegra roughly in terms of function, however this difference will be minimal. What you will notice is the difference in the shifters - how they work. If you prefer the doubletap to the shimano system then go Sram. likewise the design of the hoods is different and you may find one more comfy than the other. If you like all of that equally then look at the differences in the frames as this will again make more difference to the ride experience.