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topcattimtopcattim Posts: 766
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I've just plotted a route for a ride I'm doing on Saturday using Great piece of software!

Does anyone know if its possible (and if so, how) to print the whole route out from the site? I can of course just use the print function from internet explorer so it prints whatever is displayed on the screen, but this means that the whole scale is too small. Equally, I could enlarge the scale and use multiple prints, but I just wondered whether there was an easier way, where the software would do it automatically (yes, I'm lazy!)


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Not sure about printing a map, but if you use you can print a cue sheet giving you all the turn information around the route. You could clip this to your bars like an audax route sheet to navigate while you ride.

    BikeRouteToaster is a bit more clunky to use than Bikely, but has better functionality as it will output a .tcx file directly for use in Garmin Edge devices, whereas with Bikely you have to convert the file from .gpx first.
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